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Kathey norton

I am a screenwriter, novelist, and poet who enjoys writing across multiple genres. I write about people forced to step outside of their comfort zones, pushing the envelope to achieve their dreams, and never saying die when faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles or overwhelming tragedy. I am not interested in writing about characters who play it safe and limit themselves based on what society dictates, so you will see that I always try to challenge my characters at every twist and turn. I also study acting, filmmaking, and music, and enjoy creating minature art.

my novels

screenplays, short stories & Poetry

  • Double Life (screenplay adaption from novel)
  • Precious Lives (screenplay adaption from short story) (Published A&U Magazine) 2012
  • Shell (original screenplay)
  • What Becomes a Legend Most (screenplay adaption from novel)
  • Confessions of a Former Mistress (short story)
  • Desperate Strangers (short story)
  • Diandra Kelly, Your Biological Clock is Ticking (short story)
  • Die Laughing (short story)
  • Lost in a Video World (short story)
  • Obstacles (short story)
  • Precious Lives (short story)
  • Schooldays (short story)
  • The Telephone Booth Incident (short story)
  • Underneath the Water Glass (short story)
  • Poetry (published only)
    • Independent Woman (Whispers in the Wind: A Collection of Poetry/Quill Books) 1989
    • Sylvia (Free Focus Poetry Anthology) 1990
    • At Twenty-Three (Free Focus Poetry Anthology) 1990
    • Gretchan (Down Peaceful Paths Poetry Collection/Quill Books) 1990
    • Bitch Goddess (New Poet’s Generation) 1993
    • Success Will Be My Best Revenge (Poet) 1991
    • Perfect Rebel (Poet) 1991
    • Temptation (Poet) 1991
    • Catmesiter (New Poets Generation) 1993
    • Opposites Don’t Always Attract (Black Bard’s Digest) 1992
  • Article
    • Reflection on Rejection (Fiction Writer’s Magazine) 1988


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