Born and raised in Sacramento, California, Kathey Norton wrote her first novel (From Loneliness to Love) while still in high school. Her first article, “Reflection on Rejection” was published in Fiction Writers Magazine when she was twenty. Her poetry has been featured in two Quill Books poetry anthologies, “Whispers in the Wind” (1989) and “Down Peaceful Paths” (1991), and two Free Focus anthologies (1990). In addition, her poetry also appeared in several issues of New Poets Generation and Poet (1991). In March 2012, her screenplay, “Precious Lives,” was published in A&U Magazine. Kathey has published three novels: What Becomes a Legend Most (2014), Double Life (2015),  Diary of a Fast Food Worker, a memoir (2016), and Schoolgirl In Disgrace & Collected Works (2018), which spans Kathey Norton’s 30+ year writing career.