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Check out Music By Jake Bugg

I had such an amazing time at the Jake Bugg concert at Ace of Spades in Sacramento last night (9/9/16). If you have not heard of this awesome musician/singer/songwriter, you need to check him out. I posted some links to a couple of his songs. I had the pleasure of meeting him after the show, and can say he is such a genuinely sweet and humble person. At age 22, he has a very bright future ahead. He is already so extremely talented. I was so impressed with him. Two Fingers

My Write Up for the Johnny Marr California Jam Tour Book

I was so honored to have the pleasure of having my write up for the Johnny Marr Sacramento Ace of Spades show included in the CA Jam Tour Book.

Here is the PDF link to check it out:

I Met Johnny Marr!!!!!

In March I had the great pleasure and honor of meeting my favorite guitarist, Johnny Marr. I have admired his work since the 80s when he was with The Smiths, and more recently enjoyed his solo material. He is definitely a guitar genius!!! He was so nice to come out after the show to talk to all of us fans hoping he would do just that. He is the most kind and genuine person you could ever hope to meet. I could not believe I was standing on a street corner in Midtown Sacramento talking to Johnny Marr about my dreams of starting a band.

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