I really appreciate you taking the time to explore my website, where you can read excerpts from my novels, screenplays, poetry, and other creative projects.

Unlike most writers whose inspiration comes from reading the work of other fiction writers, I find that I’m more inspired by music and musicians. In my opinion, there isn’t a more personal form of communication and creative expression than music. You’ll find that many of my characters are also heavily influenced by music, and as I’m writing I always imagine the film in my head and the music I want to use for every scene.

I like to put my characters in situations where they are forced to step outside of their comfort zones, push the envelope to achieve their dreams, and never say die when faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles or overwhelming tragedy. I’m not interested in writing about characters who play it safe and limit themselves based on what society dictates, so you will see that I always try to challenge my characters at every twist and turn.

Kathey Norton To Be Interviewed for Twirl Radio 11-21-2015

Excited to say that I will be appearing on Twirl Radio today to be interviewed by host, Mike Lidskin, about my rock and roll based novel, What Becomes a Legend Most. Even more fun I get to Co-DJ with Mike and play some songs that inspired the book. Please tune in to listen to all of the musical surprises we have in store.

You can livestream at www.twirlradio.com or listen at KUBU 96.5 Sacramento.

It will be a blast!


What Becomes a Legend Most and Double Life-Interviews

My novels, Double Life and What Becomes a Legend Most are available in print and as eBooks on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Powell's Books, iBooks, and Kobo. Sacramento people can get them at Dimple Books on Arden. If you want to learn more about the books before purchasing, check out the interviews I did for each one on "Insight with Beth Ruyak." I included links to both interviews below. If you already bought a copy and read it, please post a review on Amazon. Indie writers need your reviews.

New Ad for "Double Life" Novel

I have a new ad running on the San Francisco Book Review website for my new novel, "Double Life." Check it out!

To purchase "Double Life," please click here:


"Insight" Interview for Double Life

I had the great pleasure last week of visiting Capital Public Radio to be interviewed for "Insight With Beth Ruyak." We talked about my latest novel, "Double Life." Here is a link to that interview, which was recorded on 6/24/15. Also, on that same page, is another interview that I did with Beth on 9/9/14, for my rock and roll novel, "What Becomes a Legend Most."


Book Signing May 23rd (12-2 p.m.)

Just a reminder that I'm having a book signing this weekend at Dimple Books (12-2 p.m., 2499 Arden Way, Sacramento).

I will sign copies of my novels, What Becomes a Legend Most and Double Life.

Double Life Now Available

Book cover for Double Life

My latest novel, Double Life, is now available in print on Amazon.

Here is a description of the book:

Richard Maxwell, a gay teenager struggling with his sexuality, is forced to leave home after a violent confrontation with his father and moves to San Francisco, where he meets Sean Montero, a complex and fearless teenage male prostitute, who teaches Richard the tricks of the trade while also encouraging him to live openly and proudly as a young gay man in 1970s San Francisco.

San Francisco Book Review Ad for What Becomes a Legend Most

My ad for my novel, What Becomes a Legend Most, went live tonight on the San Francisco Book Review site.

A nice way to start the New Year's.

Peace, good health & happiness to everyone! Happy New Year! All the best in 2015!!!!


Rock & Roll Novel: What Becomes a Legend Most

This week I stopped by Amoeba Music in San Francisco (one of the coolest record stores in the world), where my rock and roll novel, What Becomes a Legend Most, is for sale. The people who work there are so nice and you will find an amazing selection of vinyl, CDs, DVDs, books, vintage posters, etc. I love Amoeba Music, especially the Haight location.

The book is also available at the stores listed below, and can be purchased online through some of their online sites, too, and in eBook format from Amazon, iTunes, Nook, and many other online retailers.

Book Launch/Book Signing Photo 9-12-14

Guests gathered at Sierra 2 to celebrate the launch of What Becomes a Legend Most. Here is the cake with the book cover on it.

Kathey Norton Interview for "Insight" (Capital Public Radio)

Kathey was interviewed on 9/9/14, by Beth Ruyak for "Insight" (Capital Public Radio).

Below is a link to the interview:



Featured Poem of the Month

December Reflection

The year in review.
Some gains, some losses.
Struggling to keep my head above water.
Still holding on to some semblance of a dream.

The world swirls around me like crackling leaves right before a wind storm.
I keep trying to tune out the negative voices that grow a little louder this time of year.
Their toxic words echo through my brain like the annoying sound of a clanging church bell,
Or is that the sound of life passing me by?

Always the awareness of so much to do and so little time.
Wanting it all right now.
Trying to live life in the moment,
But finding myself constantly looking ahead or behind.

Another year has almost gone.
New resolutions to make or break.
Still clinging tightly to the joy that circumstance threatens to steal.
I shake the snow off my boots and walk on.